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Mouth Soaping Punishments

What is Mouth Soaping?

When you hear the words 'Domestic Discipline' and 'Home Punishment', what's coming to your mind? Grounding? Slapping? Bare bottom spanking? Think again! You are missing one of the most traditional forms of how to punish a bratty girl, especially to sanction her for the use of foul language: the good old mouth soaping!

So what makes mouth soaping an interesting alternative - or addition - to common corporal punishments? Traditional mouth soaping does not involve pain at all, like a proper spanking punishment does. So can this be considered as a punishment at all? It can! A defiant girl who once got her mouth washed out with soap... who once had the taste soap on her tongue... forced to keep a wet bar of soap between her teeth for at least half an hour... Boy, she will learn her lesson, once for all! It’s an extremely unpleasant experience, very humiliating, and we have never seen a girl who endured this procedure without shedding bitter tears. Once having been subject to this form of punishment, she will think twice before swearing or misbehaving ever again!

Is Mouth Soaping still practiced?

You probably say that this practice must be a relic of bygone times? A receding memory from the past century? Somewhat kinda barbaric? That's what you think. But no guys, it's not! Mouth soaping - less popular than traditional corporal punishments on the one hand, but highly effective on the other hand - is still applied behind closed doors all over the world. For a simple reason: it works miracles, when you try to turn a cheeky girl into a well-behaved lady.

Mouth Soaping Recommendations

If the desired effect is not achieved yet after the first procedure, the advocates of mouth soaping punishments recommend to start the next administration with a preceding traditional spanking or caning first. Furthermore the procedure is said to be more effective, if the delinquent has to present herself topless before the bar of soap goes into her mouth. As a last resort, for adding a maximum of shame and embarrassment, you may consider to undress the girl fully naked and repeat the entire procedure again - both spanking and mouth soaping - in front of her friends or classmates. This scenario should be finished with a considerable time for her in the corner, still naked, with her sore buttocks well visible, with the wash-ball still in her mouth. The spiteful laughing of her friends pointing their finger on her will finally do the trick!


It can be, if not prepared and applied by an experienced person. It is essential and necessary to make sure that the soap used for a mouth soaping punishment, is free of any ingredients that may be harmful to the delinquent's oral cavity or harmful to health. If you are not sure or worried about risks or side effects, please refer to a doctor or pharmacist. Under no circumstances the person receiving a mouth soaping can be expected or forced to swallow the soap.

Have been Mouth-Soaped?
Share your experience with us!

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Read 15 OlderAlexaMy grandma always threatened me with a mouth washing but in the end she never did. Phew... *lol*Peggythis is so disgusting. i understand that this is a sort of porn site so i take it that some pervs get turned on here? Very irritating.AaronLoving itTedthat's not my thingKristianCRAZYS.sado34@********.***WondrfulMayolaSo HAPPY to see that Stevie did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JohnMouthsoaping is honestly the best. Glad I found this site!HenryI LOVE mouth soaping.WilliamsEAT SOAP!!!!MarkOn many occasion, and then stand in the corner in disgraceShayGot alot of mouth soap in my life and still getting a spankingChrisI have had my mouth washed out quite a bit for cursing at my girlfriend. I had to sit with my hands tied behind my back as she scrubbed the bar in and out for 20 min. then I had to sit in a corner for another 30.ParsaMouth soaping is unknown in our country , FIRST EXPERIENCE : Mrs motamedi (my partner) switched me 12 strokes then I Kissed her hand & went to corner , 30 minutes later she came back the room. RETURN PARSA she said. I got puzzeled when I saw soap! COME HERE , ON YOUR KNEES I kneeled quickly ... Bitter taste 🤢 She order me go to corner & if soap fall I receive 3 strokes cane.ChrisI have had more than my shares of mouthsoapings. I had it done by my girlfriend. She usually ties me up and makes me kneel down by the sink and scrubs soap in my mouth for at least 10. She makes sure every tooth has soap stuck between it. rubs it on my tongue and cheeks. I also have to bite down into it as she twists and turns it. If I spit it out I either get it longer or she ductaped my mouth shut tightly by wrapping it around my head and over my mouth 10x or more. At this point she will continue getting dressed up for a date or concert with her guy friends. sometimes her ex. I eventually am put on the bed and tied up more and I have to smell her pantyhose feet then she leaves me. I have had everything from dial, safeguard, dove and ivory. Dial and safeguard were the worst. mouth burned a little for next 12 hrs.RenrocI give mouth soapingsCarlaI have been mouthsoaped. My older sister and I got into an argument so she punched me and I fell unconscious. When I came to I saw that my sister had stripped me of my clothes and tied my hands and feet up, I now had my boobs leaning over the sink and she held my mouth open and placed a bar of soap on my tongue! I tried to resist but knew I couldn't close my mouth so eventually I had to give up. When I gave up after trying the best I could to resist I could taste the disgusting soap all over my tongue and I was humiliated. For the whole night and morning we didn't talk the next day, no one said a word about what had happened. Except if the mouth soaping wasn't enough she invited over my boyfriend and two other friends from school, then she let them watch as I struggled while she stripped, tied, and mouthsoaped myself. I was so humiliated! My friends had seen me naked and my boyfriend saw me powerless! They all laughed at me and my sister even let them take turns shoving the soap onto my tongue! This was over a week ago, now my sister is reading over my shoulder as I write this. She has only let me onto porn websites and I get a mouth soaping every day! This is my life.MckenzieI want to be mouthsoaped and have a diaper on i love wearing diapers they are coolthe bomb playerI would like muy mouth washed out with soap because I like the taste of that in my mouth it would be awesomeMckenzieCan anyone diaper me Please i love wearing themJuliaI was caught playing with myself. My husband went made. I now get mouth soaped every evening (I hate it) and usually fucked afterwards.Haydon rocksI have to wash out my mouth out today with soap because miss Dayton told me to because I have a complaining mouthLikainensuu.Olen haaveillut pikkupojasta asti, että löytäisin naisen, joka pesisi suuni palasaippualla oikein kunnolla. Minua säälimättä ja saippuaa säästelemättäAnonymousGood 👍 finshmant of girlFrankI made the mistake of calling my sister a F"ing Bitch not realizing my mother had come in from the garage and was in earshot. Next thing I know, my mom was grabbing my arm and dragging me into the downstairs bathroom. She lathered up a bath size bar of Ivory soap real good and then told me to open my mouth. I nodded my head "no" in defiance. Big mistake-- as she said she was doubling my time now, and we weren't leaving until she was finished. Anyways, long story short-- she washed my mouth out for a good 2 minutes, lecturing me the whole time, with occassional pauses to re-lather it under the faucet. I think I tasted Ivory the next half day.....Add your CommentRead All ( 25 )
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